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Brooklyn Mattison of Hustle. Pray. Motivate

Have you ever been taken to church on a Starbucks patio on a Sunday afternoon? While sipping a Venti Strawberry Acai! Whew Chile…I had the honor of having some girl time with Ms. Brooklyn Mattison who is the Founder of H.P.M. We talked about EVERYTHING under the sun. From relationships, the grief of losing a mother, fitting in with the popular crowd, and so much more!!

First of all…Let me just say that I am truly learning more and more about divine connection! Brooklyn and I follow each other on social media but never knew each other prior. To sit and have authentic and genuine conversation with someone that just “Gets It” is a comfort that you only get from a certain type of person. We determined that we believe in God and that the God that we both pray to uses curse words. He knows that we’re both hardheaded and impatient and he can NOT do gentle parenting with us but more on that on a later note.

Brooklyn Mattison is a Marketing Coordinator and Videographer and the founder of Hustle. Pray. Motivate (HPM). She describes herself at the goofy, “way-maker”, that gets shit done! She is all about empowering women and just about any and every one that she comes into contact with! Her schedule would confuse even the most organized person. She does everything from creating resumes and proposals, planning women’s empowerment event, serving food and drinks at the local up and coming hotspot “Eleven19 Kitchen & Cocktails”, to church and so many other priorities and obligations in between! Yes! She is the true definition of a girl boss.

Brooklyn identifies as an orphan. Losing both of her parents at a young age and being adopted and dealing with the abandonment that that brought on. She is learning on a daily basis to walk in what and who God has called her to be and being unapologetic about it! She’s spent so much time learning to accept herself as both Brooklyn and Ann Marie (her name at birth) and knowing that she holds spaces as both identities. This is how she walks in rooms that God has created for her and shows up as her authentic self. Learning to empower women and men from all walks of life and understanding that ministry does not just happen in church but in bars, clubs, shopping malls, social media, and anywhere else that we gather.

A woman of many talents, she believes that we have to recognize and own those things that God has put in us in order to show people who God is through us. We must also walk authentically in who we are and show up. We first have to show up in order to get from point A to point B. Remember that life is short and we cannot spend it waiting for the “Perfect” moment because it’ll never come.

Her latest project is the HPM Women’s Entrepreneurial & Empowerment Seminar! It’s scheduled for this Sunday, June 5th at The Milan Banquet Hall from 3-7PM. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite by searching HPM Women’s Entrepreneurial & Empowerment Seminar.

IG: Book.with.Brook

Facebook: Brooklyn Mattison

TikTok: Book.with.Brook


The #40Under40 series is an initiative started by Ebony Lashay. As a community we have begun to build up one another is ways that can only make us stronger. The #40Under40 series was started to highlight those in the community doing amazing work. Whether that work be with our young people, entrepreneurs, good food and drinks, event spaces, and so many other great things happening. If you are interested in being interviewed for this series. Please reach out to me via any of the forms below:

IG: xEbonyLashayx

FB: Ebony Lashay


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