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Natures Emporium brings Health & Wellness to Lake County

“Health is Wealth”, a saying that means so much more with our ever -changing world. In a time where man made medicine is being questioned, holistic health makes a comeback bigger than ever. In the black community especially, we see a cycle of poor health, poor spirit and overall lack of wellness. Locally, here in Lake County the comparison of “healthy” alternatives to non-healthy ones are slim to none. With no real teacher or guide to show alternative practices, we find our community plagued with the realities of poor diet and unstable mental health. A lack of urgency has created an opportunity for a black owned holistic business to provide knowledge on a deeper level.

Nature’s Emporium is a black owned holistic business offering natural remedies, black owned products and local products from the community. Envisioned and created by Bruce Wright, Natures Emporium promotes a loving lifestyle for all people. Bruce created this healthy space as he saw a need for it within the community. The store is filled with natural wellness products, custom art, jewelry, dry herbs, and natural skin care products. The shea butters are all handmade with scents of mango and coconut to keep skin moisturized. The clothing is imported custom fabric, with designs and patterns only the motherland could create. Different handcrafted jewelry, healing crystals and artifacts grab your attention as soon as you step foot inside. One of the key products sold is the “Sea Moss Gel” which is an essential element to build your immune system. During the warm days he hosts a chess game right outside of his store with complimentary all-natural juice to enjoy.

Recently he partnered with The African American Museum at the England Manor this summer to build a Community Garden. The garden is located right beside of the museum and is open to the community to admire and volunteer. This garden will also become a healthy source of food available to those in need. Natures Emporium is health space, community center and wellness guru all wrapped up in one!! If you someone who struggles with sensitive skin, or colon issues or just in need of healthier choices this is the first stop you need to make!!

Visit Natures Emporium at 1101 West Greenwood Avenue, in Waukegan Illinois. Located right on the corner of Greenwood, they are open Tuesday- Saturday with business hours varying. There’s no need to travel far for natural products, you can get them right here in your hometown. Visit their website or email for more details on custom orders!!

You can follow Nature's Emporium on social media at:

@ntr_emporium on IG

@naturesemporiumshop on FB

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